Michael is a designer + cinematographer + educator

Growing up in the countryside of Northern Ireland, Michael's youth was spent climbing trees, making bows and arrows, doodling in sketchbooks and telling ghost stories to anyone who would listen.

While his career in carpentry or tree climbing never took off, he has been fortunate enough to carve out a career telling stories through design and cinematography.

His formal education is in design and multimedia, and before branching out into a freelance career under the alias Sugar Island, he worked for a number of design agencies across Northern Ireland.

While his specialty lies in all aspects of design for print and screen, he has a keen interest in photography, illustration, and cinematography. In the past three years, he has developed this passion for Cinematography further and started Story of Eve, which is a collaboration in the art of story-telling through picture and film.

Balancing work on design and cinematography, Michael also lectures at the Southern Regional College, where he enjoys sharing this passion for design and cinematography with his colleagues and students.

Michael is married to Aisling, and Daddy to Caitlin, Emma and Evie.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the work on this site, or would like to connect with Michael directly, you can do so via email at michael@sugarislandni.co.uk or www.twitter.com/michaeltoman